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SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for MELTING POINT APPRATUS


  1. Ensure the working area is neat and clean.
  2. Ensure that the instrument is placed on stable desk or table.
  3. Check calibration status of the instrument.
  4. Ensure that the instrument is connected to the required power supply.
  5. Switch on power supply by switching on the main supply and switch provided on backside of the instrument. Display will show the starting temperature and rate of heating as per the default or previous setting.
  6. Set the starting temperature using the numpad and enter key. Temperature start to increasing at starting temperature.
  7. Capillary should be knocked to fill by “free‐falling” method so that the sample is firmly loaded. Loading height of the sample must be consistent.
  8. Wiped off the capillary for any stains and dirt on the outer surface using tissue paper or cloth.
  9. Now insert the capillary filled with the sample upto 3mm and press warming key.
  10. Now temperature start to rise slowly. The screen display the graph of light transmittance vs melting point. Temperature with initial and final melting point. The screen records the initial and final melting values along with the graph. After the detection of melting point the temperature decreases to the initial starting temperature.
  11. Repeat for atleast 3 test for getting average of the reading using fresh sample each time.
  12. Result reading can be cleared using the key controls.
  13. Use the reset key on the top right to reset all the results in the memory.
  14. Switch off the instrument.
  15. Clean the capillary socket of instrument. And working areas.

  • Capillary used in the instrument must be from reputed manufacturer. Never use ordinary capillary as it may breakdown easily.
  • In case of any error display on the screen look for the manual instruction and follow the guidelines.
  • Capillary must be wiped off stains and dirts on the outer surface with a piece of soft cloth before inserting into the instrument to avoid accumulation of dirt on the bottom of the socket which will lead to wrong results.

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