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SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for COMPOUND MICROSCOPE


  1. Ensure the working area is neat and clean.
  2. Place the compound microscope on the level surface.
  3. Connect the power cable of the compound microscope to the power source.
  4. Switch on the instrument.
  5. The LED indicator glows on the instrument indicating the instrument is ready for use.
  6. Set the required brightness through the brightness control knob.
  7. Position the slide on the stage with the sample to be observed on the upper surface of the slide.
  8. Adjust the slide to bring into the exact center of the light source.
  9. Low magnification objective lens shall be focussed first followed by a high magnification lens on the center of the sample.
  10. Turn the coarse adjustment knob to adjust the stage.
  11. While observing through the ocular bring the object into focus by adjusting with the coarse knob by using fine adjustment knob focus the sample for better resolution.
  12. Adjust the diaphragm lever to reduce or increase the light intensity to produce a clear and sharp image.
  13. Once the image is visible, adjust the slide for the targeted item in the image.
  14. To proceed from low power to high power magnification, rotate the high-power objective into position.
  15. Make a minor adjustment with the fine adjustment knob to sharpen up the image, if necessary.
  16. Whenever the objective is to be observed under oil immersion, place one-drop immersion oil or require quantity after it is focused with magnification. Then bring the oil immersion lens (100x) into position.
  • Cover the instrument with the dust cover after use.
  • Cover open types with dust protection caps.
  • Remove dust and dirt from the visible optical surface using a brush or a cotton cloth.
  • Remove water-soluble dirt with a dust-free cotton cloth.
  • Store particularly sensitive components and accessories, such as objectives and eyepieces in a dry closet.

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