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SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for MAGNETIC STIRRER WITH HOT PLATES


  1. Ensure that the working area is neat and clean.
  2. Place the Hotplate Stirrer on a flat and level surface.
  3. Ensure that the instrument is clean and free from any dust particles.
  4. Connect the Power cable to the required power supply. The voltage must correspond to the voltage listed on the product nameplate
  5. Place the beaker with the sample on the plate and wait for heating.
  6. Turn the temperature control know clockwise, heat light illuminates
  7. Turn the temperature control knob to adjust to the desired heat position.
  8. Dip the magnetic stirrer into the beaker.
  9. Turn the speed control knob clockwise, till light illuminates.
  10. Turn the speed control knob to adjust the stirring speed to the desired position.
  11. After completion turn of the instrument. Power off from supply.
  12. Clean the working area and instrument.
  • Use a properly grounded electrical outlet with the proper voltage and current handling capacity as specified on the nameplate
  • Disconnect from the power supply before servicing or cleaning.
  • Always place the Hotplate Stirrer on a flat and level surface.
  • Do not touch the top plate of the instrument during operation.
  • Do not use in the presence of flammable or combustible materials; fire or explosion may result. This device contains components that may ignite such materials.
  • Do not use metal foil, metal containers, sand baths, or other insulating material on the hot plate.

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