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Practical Medicinal Chemistry-III B.Pharmacy 6th Semester As PCI Syllabus

 List of Practical in Medicinal Chemistry-III, B.Pharmacy 6th Semester as per PCI Syllabus

  1. To prepare and submit Sulphanilamide from Acetanilide
  2. To prepare and submit Chlorobutanol from Acetone
  3. To prepare and submit 7-hydroxy-4-methylcoumarin from resorcinol by green technique
  4. To determine the partition coefficient of PCM using shake flash method
  5. To perform the assay of Dapsone
  6. To perform the assay of Chlorpheniramine maleate
  7. To determine partition coefficient of Naphthalene using shake flask method.
  8. To determine toxicity and physicochemical properties using online services.
  9. To prepare 6-hydroxynicotinic acid from coumalic acid
  10. To prepare and submit Hexamine from Urea.
  11. To perform the assay of metronidaxole.

You can view or download each of the above experiment by click on the each link above.

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