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Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Tincture Press Download Notes PDF BPharmacy 3rd Semester 2023

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Tincture Press Download Notes PDF BPharmacy 3rd Semester 2023

๐Ÿ“‘ BP304T Pharmaceutical Engineering


Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Tincture Press

Course: BPharmacy
Semester/Year: 3rd Semester
Subject: BP304T Pharmaceutical Engineering
Session: 2023
Category: Notes
Pharmaceutical Engineering Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) BPharmacy BPharm 3rd Semester Important Exam Notes Handwritten Notes


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BP304T Pharmaceutical Engineering BPharmacy 3rd Semester
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SOP for Tincture Press


  1. Place the tincture press on a neat and clean, stable slab.
  2. Clean the inner perforated pan, outer pan with tube, pressing bag as per laboratory cleaning procedure.
  3. Insert the tube into the collecting jar.
  4. Place the inner perforated pan into outer pan.
  5. Place the pressing bag inside the perforated pan.
  6. Pour off the bulk of fluid from herbs into the pressing bag and fold it over the top.
  7. Place the pan on the tincture press under the piston. Insert the wooden pressing block under the outer pan.
  8. Ensure the pan is at exactly centre of the press.
  9. Now lift up the press by using hydraulic jack by pressing the handle of jack.
  10. Liquid extract will start to come out into the collecting jar.
  11. Increase the pressure by pressing the jack handle slowly minute by minute and let the liquid completely comes out of the pan until all fluid is extracted. This process will take half an hour to several hours depending on the herbs.
  12. After get it done, release the pressure valve from the jack and get the pan down from the tincture press.


  1. Wash piston, inner perforated pan, outer pan, pressing bag, collecting tube and container thoroughly after and before use.
  2. Lubricate the pump of hydraulic jack when required or it seems to dry.
  3. Check the leakage if any from hydraulic jack and get it repaired before use.



  1. Do not apply exceed pressure then the given limit on the hydraulic press.
  2. Use wooden block between the pan and the tincture press if necessary.
  3. Use your hand muscles to press the handle not lower muscles.
  4. Over the instrument after use.

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