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Standard Operating Procedure of Manual Ointment Filling Machine Download Question Paper PDF BPharmacy 3rd Semester 2023

Standard Operating Procedure of Manual Ointment Filling Machine Download Question Paper PDF BPharmacy 3rd Semester 2023

๐Ÿ“‘ BP304T Pharmaceutical Engineering


Standard Operating Procedure of Manual Ointment Filling Machine

Course: BPharmacy
Semester/Year: 3rd Semester
Subject: BP304T Pharmaceutical Engineering
Session: 2023
Category: Question Paper
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BP304T Pharmaceutical Engineering BPharmacy 3rd Semester
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Standard Operating Procedure of Manual Ointment Filling Machine

The manufacturing procedure of ointment as same as that of cream, lotion, paste or gel. There are two processes used for the production of these formulations i.e. automatic process and semi-automatic process and manual.

Operating Procedure:

Place the filling machine on stable, neat and clean slab.

Set the filling volume:

  • According to the need for filling capacity. Set, first "handle" up to the highest level.
  • Loosen "adjust on the screw solid nut".
  • Turn the "raised the amount screw", clockwise up to filling quantity to increase and counter-clockwise to decreases.
  • When adjustment for the capacity done, "adjust on the screw solid nut" will be tighten.

Operation method:

  • Every time under pressure “handle”, and the material will be out from "the

material mouth",

  • Loosen “handle” waiting for the next again after filling.
  • Each time the pressure must be close to the lowest point, and low pressure to loosen up “handle”.
  • Also return “handle” to the highest level, so every time filling quantity will not have the error.
  • In case, such as pressing "handle" not pressed to lowest or returned to the highest level, can appear every time filling quantity to different. Each time, users in the operation should be paid attention to the method of operation.

The machine maintenance and maintenance:

  • When the material used alternately or long-term work, we should take the hopper covered.
  • Hopper, material cylinder, cone cover, four fluorine pistons, discharging mouth, spring, discharging valve core of mouth should be cleaned before reload.
  • As the piston rod at bottom appear to discharge the filling material, then it is time to replace cylinder oil seal.


  • Any blocking particle of solid must not be allowed to enter into the filling material, it may block the filling cylinder.
  • The machine shell by casting of aluminium alloy, the body needs to keep clean, to prevent corrosion.
  • In the process of operation to bushings, bevel gears and rack: add appropriate lubricating oil to contact parts of the overall after long-term when not working for the material.
  • Unpick and wash in case the material solidified inside the machine.
  • The equipment transportation and storage and use in can't hit, the stress and spur of damp.




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