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SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for Orifice meter

 SOP for orifice meter

  1. Check all the clamps for tightness
  2. Ensure the water level in the main tank is sufficient for the suction pipe of the pump to be completely immersed.
  3. For measurement through an orifice, open the outlet valve of the price meter line and close the value of the venturi meter line.
  4. For a good amount of variation in discharge, close the bypass valve of the pump also.
  5. Now switch on the pump.
  6. Open the gate valve and start inflow.
  7. Remove any bubbles present in the U-tube manometer through the air the  cock valve operates the air cock valve slowly and cautiously to avoid mercury running away through the water.
  8. Wait till the flow attains a steady state.
  9. Close the gate valve of the measuring tank and note the initial water level in the tank. 
  10. Measure the time taken for water in the tank to reach a certain level.
  11. Calculate the flow rate. also note the manometer difference before taking any measurement, make sure flow is stable.

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