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SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for FTIR Fourier Transmission Infrared Spectroscopy

 SOP for FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy)


Start-up of FTIR Software

  1. Clean the Instrument and surroundings.
  2. Connect the instrument with the power supply.
  3. Switch on the instrument and Computer system.
  4. Double click on “IR Solution” Icon.
  5. After No. of internal operation.
  6. Select the “Measure” and select Measurement from the main menu, further select “initialize” from the measurement tab.
  7. Press “Yes”.
  8. Select File to load standard method for analysis or fill the desired parameter of the method.
  9. Click on file,
  10. Select the above option to enter the main window and select the standard method for analysis or prepare a new method as per STP.
  11. After selecting the standard method, double click on method or Open it from main window. A dialog box will appear and ask about downloading parameter of Method.
  12. Press “OK” to download the method parameters
  13. After completion of method downloading,
  14. Click on “BKG” for background correction. A dialog box will appear.
  15. Press “OK” if the Sample compartment is ready for Background.
  16. Select measure from the above screen window, fill all the required (sample/standards information) in comment/Date file and select sample for sample analysis.
  17. For the Sample Analysis click on the Data path file and give the appropriate file path for saving the data.
  18. Copy the file name and paste the data in the comment and click on the sample tab.
  19. After scanning the sample click on “Calculate” and then “OK” on the Peak Table.
  20. The number of peaks in the Peak Table must be between 15 to 25.
  21. To adjust the number of peaks, click on “Calculate” and then increase or decrease the “Min Area” and then click on “OK”.
  22. Click on “Window” from the main menu bar and select “Join Visible”.
  23. Then click on “Manipulation 2” and select Purity.
  24. Right click on the sample and select send to source similarly right click on the reference and select send to reference.
  25. Send to reference
  26. Click on “Calc”, then “OK”, select the print command from the main window.
  27. Click on “OK” and select the desired report template for the Peak purity Graph as shown below.
  28. Select the Report format and click on “Open” or double click on Report format. Press ‘OK’ for printing the document.
  29. For Peak table: select the Manipulation 1 and select Peak table.
    • After selecting the peak table,
    • Click on “Calc” then “OK”.
  30. Select “Print” from the above screen.
  31. Select the report format as ‘peak table’ and print. As per the above-described procedure.

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