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SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for ULTRA TURRAX


  1. Ensure the working area is neat and clean.
  2. The delivered extension arm is mounted on an iron stand.
  3. Place the set apparatus on a level surface.
  4. Connect the instrument to the required power supply.
  5. Dispersing element:
    • Teflon bearing: Insert the Teflon sheet barrier within the cartridges.
    • Drive Shaft: Push the shaft key over the coupling section and insert the drive shaft into the shaft tube.
    • Shaft sleeve: Slide the shaft sleeve over the front section.
    • Bearing bushing: Slide the seal cartridge over the shaft sleeve.
    • Stator: Screw the stator onto the shaft tube turning counter clockwise.
    • Rotor: Screw the rotor onto the driveshaft and turn clockwise using the flat key as a counter tool.
    • Apply a twist of torque to the hard right.
    • Flip the shaft key around, insert the tool and tighten up the stator.
  6. Insert the dispersing element from the bottom into the drive unit as far as the stop. The shaft will audibly click into place when a small amount of force is applied (sprung ball bearing) - depending on the type of disperser. The dispersing element is fitted correctly if the dispersing element is flush with the bottom edge of the drive uni.
  7. Refer to the operating instructions for the filling level of the medium and the immersion depth into the dispersing element used.
  8. To avoid unintentional ingress of air into the medium due to excessively turbulent rotation, the whole unit can be placed a little off-center in the stirring vessel.
  9. The driving unit is switched on using the On/Off- switch.
  10. By using the turning speed knob, the speed may be infinitely varied to meet the requirements of the medium to be processed. The idle speed for the drive unit can be adjusted in the range 3000 and 25000 rpm; the value will be shown on the LED display.
  • Secure the dispersing element by screwing the knurled screw tight.
  • Burns hazard! If a dispersing element is not inserted into the drive flange as far as the mark it can become extremely hot in operation and thus suffer damage.
  • The drive unit is maintenance-free but not immune from wear. The motor brushes and the coupling wear out over time.
  • Do not allow moisture to get into the appliance when cleaning.
  • Wear protective gloves when cleaning the devices.

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