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How to Create a Wishing Script in Just a minute for any fest


How to Create a Wishing Script


Create free online wishing script using wishing script maker tools in php, html and javascript. For Festivals, Birthdays, Parties and Anniversaries, and Earn Money by sharing on whatsapp for free. Earn in dollar every month.



Yesterday we are going to look at the Wishing script maker tools. Wishing script maker is the best available tool for digital marketing. If you can remember your first experience in online wish-fulfilment. It was a very difficult and time consuming experience. Nowadays, it is much easier and more effective than ever. You can create online wish-fulfilment campaigns using your computer and some office tools. The services of wish maker are online, you don't need to print out paper and send it through post. The most important features of this tool is that it has the ability to change text, add pictures and other features, and you can easily upload on your own website. While it is available on the internet, you can make your wish over mic, SMS, Whatsapp and so on.


What is a wishing script

A wishing script is a website where people can write a short message to someone they want to do something for them like get a boyfriend, write a nice letter to a loved one in jail, wish for the safe recovery of their spouse, give money for their family, wish a job for a loved one etc. What does it mean? after creating a wishing script i will send it to the user which i can call user to send it to the user. How to create a wish script? create a wish script is easy. All you need to do is to upload the content you have in the wish script page and write something using the given tools. After that i will contact you if you wish to see your wishing script. You will get an email from me with the link for your wish script.


How to create a wishing script

Open the website Wishing script maker.

Log-in to there using your email or google account

Choose your wishes by selecting them from the choices 

Click on “Create Wish” using tool or by watching video tutorial given there.

Hit enter and get your Wishing script immediately

Enter your email address and that’s it! your wish is ready and you can share it with your friends on whatsapp.

Edit your wish if you want to add more information. choose the images, video, and clip that you like best 

Share it with your friends in Whatsapp. You can add little text like “Love You”, “Happy birthday” etc. just you want.

There are different tools to make a wishing script like WhatsApp Wishing, Facebook Wishing, Instagram Wishing, Twitter Wishing, Hootsuite Wishing and many more So how are you going to share your wishes?

Be creative.



Wishing script maker in the way we wish, and wish into action. It is simple, easy and not complicated. Wishing scripts can be made and used on any kind of occasion.

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