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Photo Gallery #3 - The 🌺 Beauty of Marjoram (Marua) plant

Flowers of Marua (Marjoram) Plant

Alternative Titles: Majorana hortensis, Origanum majorana, sweet marjoram

Pharmaceutical: Herba Majoranae

Botanical :   Origanum maiorana
Arabic :       مردقوش,مرزنجوش,صعتر, زعتر
Mardaqoush, Mardaqush, Marzanjush; Zatar, Satar (M. syriaca)
English:       Sweet marjoram, Knotted marjoram
French;       Marjolaine
German;     Majoran, Wurstkraut, Maigram, Mairan
Italian;        Maggiorana, Persa

Marjoram, (Origanum majorana)
Ø  Also called sweet marjoram,
Ø  Perennial plant of the mint family (Lamiaceae)
Ø  Grown as a culinary herb
Ø  Its fresh or dried leaves and flowering tops are used to season many foods, imparting a warm, aromatic, slightly sharp, and bitterish flavour.
Ø  Marjoram is particularly appreciated for the taste it lends to sausages, meats, poultry, stuffings, fish, stews, eggs, vegetables, and salads. Native to the Mediterranean region and western Asia, marjoram is also cultivated as an annual in northerly climates where winter temperatures kill the plant.

Scientific classification

Kingdom:              Plantae
Clade:                    Angiosperms
Clade:                    Eudicots
Clade:                    Asterids
Order:                    Lamiales
Family:                  Lamiaceae
Genus:                   Origanum
Species:                 O. majorana
Binomial name:     Origanum majorana

Photo Gallery - The Beautyful Flower of Marua Plant

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