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SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) of Hot Air Oven


Safety Precautions

  • Maximum Temp.: 350°C.
  • Ensure that the Exhaust blower is ON before starting the oven.
  • Ensure that the temperature does not shoot higher than the set temperature.
  • Always wear gloves while handling the hot trays.
  • Avoid touching the exhaust of the system.
  • Before removing the side cover make sure equipment is switched off.

Cleaning Methods

  • Cleaning procedures should be done only with iso-propyl alcohol using a lint-free cloth.
  • The SS trays should be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol using a lint-free cloth.


Switching On Procedure

  1. Ensure that gas/air flow cylinders are ON from the facility side.
  2. Turn ON the Rota meter for airflow in the oven.
  3. Switch ON the Mains of the Oven.
  4. Turn ON the mains. The Red LED will glow means the oven is ON.
  5. Switch ON the fan.
  6. Once the system is on you can set the required temperature on the Digital Temperature controller
  7. Press ‘SET’ once on the digital controller.
  8. Press the UP arrow ↑ to set the required temperature. The maximum temperature is 350°C.
  9. Press ‘ENT’ to start the HEATING UP program.
  10. The YELLOW LED will glow indicating the heater is ON.
  11. Wait till the required temperature is reached.

Switching Off Procedure

  1. Once the process is over set the required shut down temperature on the Digital Temperature controller is as follows:
    • Press ‘SET’ once
    • Use the DOWN arrow ↓ to reduce the oven temperature to 25oC.
    • Press ‘ENT’ to start ramping down the program.
    • The YELLOW LED will stop glowing indicating the heater is OFF.
  2. Make a logbook entry

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