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SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for Ball Mill

 SOP for Ball Mill

  1. Plug in Ball Mill, Fans and External Timer.
  2. Turn both fans on "High Speed".
  3. Turn Power Switch on the read panel of ball miller "ON".
  4. Open ball mill lid and place sample into the ball mill and lock the lid back.
  5. Close the lid properly.
  6. Use up arrows control button to set in a short time 1-3 minutes as a test.
  7. Advance the external timer to "ON" by moving the small blue wheel.
  8. Green lamps turn on when the timer is "ON".
  9. Press lamps turn on when the timer is "ON".
  10. Press start on the Ball Mill. Ensure the Ball Miller run for the set time for 1-3 minutes.
  11. Now it is ready for a long run.
  12. Turn gray temperature meter on the record the temperature of the motor. Thermocouple for this was attached on the motor.
  13. Turn off the temperature meter to conserve the battery.
  14. Record the starting time.
  15. After completing the experiment, turn off the ball mill by following the same procedure for turning it ON.

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