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SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for Planetary Mixer


  1. Read the SDS for all materials.
  2. Before starting undertake a general security check:
    1. Ensure the mixer is dry and place it in a dry area.
    2. Ensure if the machine is mounted on a raised platform that the platform is of sufficient strength and the mixer is securely fastened to the platform.
    3. Ensure that the power supply matches the rating on the machine.
    4. Work area should be clean and free from obstructions, e.g., nothing placed on or around the machine, such as scrapers, knives, etc.
    5. Worker not wearing loose-fitting clothes.
    6. Make sure that electrical service specifications match those of the mixer as printed on the mixer’s nameplate.
  3. Mixer bowls and agitators should be thoroughly washed with hot water and mild soap and rinsed with clean water before being put back into service.
  4. The bowl must be installed first and fully lowered.
  5. Place the agitator in a bowl, push it up on the agitator shaft and turn it clockwise to seat the shaft pin in the slot of its shark.
  6. The supply cord on this machine is provided with a three-prong grounding plug.
  7. All models are furnished with a digital timer and electronic 5-speed control.
  8. First, powders and excipients are taken in the mixing bowl.
  9. Connect the machine to the min supply.
  10. Choose desired speed with the gear selector.
  11. Press the green START button next to the gear selector located in the machine.
  12. Mixing blade starts to rotate around itself as well as travel in the bowl thereby achieving intimate mixing.
  13. During this process Teflon scraper is adjusted to apply light pressure to the wall of the vessel continuously which removes any product adhering to the side of the wall bowl.
  14. Press the red mushroom STOP button after completing of operation.
  15. Clean the apparatus and machine area after use.

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