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Hello friends, today I will tell you 5 facts about our game BGMI i.e. BATTLE GROUNDS MOBILE INDIA which I hope you will like it and many of you may not even know these facts. So friends let's start.


Friends, the first fact of ours is that you all know that our PUBG MOBILE's servers also used to go to the CHINESE COMPANY TENCENT, so PUBG MOBILE and PUBG MOBILE and PUBG MOBILE LITE were banned in India. But it is a matter of happiness that friends, now the services of our NEW GAME BATTLE GROUNDS MOBILE INDIA will not be in any other country but in our country India. Due to which this GAME BAN will never be there and we will also store the data of INDIANS in INDIA itself. So friends, this was the first FACT about BGMI, which I told you here.


The second FACT is that friends, now all the esports of BGMI will be for all the specially will be for INDIANS. We will get to see a big competitive match. Common players will also be able to play it and will be able to move forward, it will not be limited to players who are already playing esports. New players will be able to come out in front of this fact, so I liked it very much, how did you feel, do tell by commenting below.

No. 3 Underage Restrictions

Now friends, another fact is that if you are 18+ then you will be able to play this game for 3 hours daily. And if you are under 18 then you cannot play this game. If you are less than 18 years you can still play, but for this you will have to create an account for your parents, then only you will be able to play, this is the new rule. The second rule is that friends, now you can invest MAXIMUM 7K i.e. 7,000 rupees in the game in a day, not more than that. So friends, this was also a fact that every BGMI player should know, so I thought I should tell you about this rule too.

No. 4 Pre-Registration

Yes friends, it is also a fact that BGMI has started its pre-registration even before LAUNCH. I think most of you must have already done Pre-Registration. But if you have not done so, then I am giving you the link of a video below, you should do pre-registration after seeing it. Now this question may come in the mind of many of you that why should we do Pre-Registration, what is the benefit of this? 
So friends, let me tell you that if you do Pre-Registration, then as soon as our BGMI comes in Google Play STORE, you will get GAME immediately, your phone will start having GAME ALREADY DOWNLOAD, this is the most advantage of doing Pre-Registration friends. That's why I have done it too. And I will also tell you that if you want GAME first by doing pre-registration then. I am giving a video below, you can do pre-registration by watching it.

No. 5 In-Game Cosmetics

Yes friends, you can get to see some clothes and new events according to our Indian culture inside BGMI, which will be based on our Indian culture. I found this very amazing thing, you will be able to enjoy the game to the fullest, you will be able to play according to your own. In the image below you can see some COSMETICS, we can get to see similar things inside our BGMI.

So friends, these were some facts about our new game BGMI, I hope you must have liked these facts. IF YOU LIKE THIS FACTS SO PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH GAMERS FRIENDS LIKE FACEBOOK, WHATSAPP, TELEGRAM, INSTAGRAM LIKE SOCIAL SITES LIKE MUST SHARE SITES so that we can also get some benefit. That's all for now in this article on hktechnical.com. See you in NEXT ARTICLE. Till then ba BYE! GUIS.
Article written by: Karan Sharma

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