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Pharmaceutical Technology MCQs

 Pharmaceutical Technology MCQs


Ques1 Antioxidant used as blocking agent in sterile product is

a) Ascorbic acid esters b) sodium bisulphate c) Ascorbic acid d) EDTA

Ques2- According to USP which dissolution is included as Type IV dissolution apparatus?

a) Paddle type b) Paddle over disc apparatus c) Reciprocating cylinder d) Flow through cell

Ques3- Which of the following constituents is responsible for colour of shellac?

a) Laccaic acid b) Shelloic acid c) Aleurotic acid d) all of above

Ques4 Foaming during liquid filling can be reduced by all of the following ways EXCEPT

a) Defoaming device b) Closed system filling c) Increase in speed of filling line

d) Minimise product turbulence

Ques5 Hot stage microscopy is a tool in preformulation studies for the study of

a) Pseudopolymorphism b) particle size measurement

c) Microbial contamination d) compaction behavior

Ques6- Which of the following is not a thermoplastic resin?

a) Polystyrene b) Polyethylene c) Phenolic plastic resin d) Polypropylene

Ques7- If QA and QC are compared

a) Both are literally the same b) QA is a higher activity in the management hierarchy

c) QC is a higher activity in the management hierarchy

d) QA is done by production person and QC is done by analyst

Ques8- Eudragits are

a) Phthalate polymers b) Cellulose polymers c) Acrylate polymers d) Amide polymers

Ques9 Which problem can arise if the material to be compressed into tablet tends to adhere to

die walls?

a) Picking b) Sticking c) Capping d) Marbling

Ques 10 Which one of the following is a solid dosage form excipient which can play the role of a diluent, a disintegrant, a glidant, a lubricant and a pore/ channel former?

a) Lactose b) Microcrystalline cellulose c) Ethyl cellulose d) Eudragit RL 100

Ques11 The propellant commonly used in topical aerosols is

a) Trichloromonofluoromethane b) Trifluoromonochloroethane

c) Dichlorodifluoromethane

d) Isopropyl alcohol

Ques12- Which of the following methods is used to determine whether a process functions properly for its intended use?

a) Capacity b) Inspection c) Validation d) Design review

Ques13- What is the significance of term overfill?

a) It is similar to overage

b) It is the excess volume to be filled in containers as vials, ampoules to avoid loss by degradation

c) It is the excess filling of containers as vials, ampoules to avoid the loss during use

d) It is violation of packaging regulation as per GMP.

Ques14- OROS is a technology developed for/as

a) Oral release rapid onset system

b) Orally rapid disintegrating tablet

c) Osmotic controlled oral drug delivery system d) Transdermal drug delivery system.

Ques 15- The term used to describe unequal distribution of colors on a tablet is

a) Chipping b) Mottling c) Lamination d) Double impression

Ques16 Match the events in tablet manufacturing process with the effects found in tablets

1) Rapid drying of coated tablets after coating

2) Use of highly viscous solution

3) Improper feed rate from hopper

4) Excessive compression force

P) Increased disintegration time

Q) Weight variation.

R) Orange peel

S) Blistering

a) 1-R, 2-S, 3-Q, 4-P b) 1-R, 2-S. 3-P, 4-Q c) 1-S, 2-R, 3-Q, 4-P d) 1-R, 2-P, 3-S, 4-Q

Ques 17- The official dissolution test apparatus contains cylindrical vessel and the lower edge of the blade is positioned from inside bottom of the vessel at
a) 18 to 22 mm b) 23 to 27 mm c) 20 to 24 mm d) 25 to 29 mm Ques18 In multistation punching machine, the upper as well as lower punches are connected by

a) Cams b) Turrets c) Wire meshes d) Revolving belts

Ques19 Match the following

P) Cascade Impactor

Q) Tag open cup apparatus

1) Flash point

2) sedimentation rate

R) Pycnometer

3) particle size

S) Rheometer

4) density of liquid

a) P-3, Q-1, R-4, S-2 b) P-1, Q-3, R-2, S-4 c) P-4, Q-2, R-3, S-1 d) P-2, Q-3, R-1, S-4

Ques20 Match the following

P) Membrane modulated system

Q) Diffusion controlled system

2) Drug reservoir is encapsulated in rate controlling polymer


3) Drug dispersed in hydrophilic polymer and then cross linked

R) Matrix dispersion system

with lipophilic polymer by high shear mechanical force 4) Drug is directly dispersed in polymer patch

S) Microreservoir system

1) Drug is homogenously dispersed in polymer then

moulded into a patch

a) P-2, Q-4, R-1, S-3 b) P-1, Q-2, R-3, S-4 c) P-1, Q-4, R-2, S-3 d) P-4, Q-1, R-3, S-2

Ques21- Liposomes are used as carriers for drugs and macromolecules are

a) Phospholipids dispersed gently in aqueous medium to obtain multilamellar vesicles

b) Hydrophilic or lipophilic polymer matrix with a drug reservoir

c) A shallow compartment moulded from a drug impermeable system and rate controlling polymeric membrane

d) Microporous membrane made from ethylene / vinyl acetate polymeri

Ques22- Addition of which of the following to a large volume parentral product is not advised:

a) Active pharmaceutical ingredient b) preservatives c) buffering agents d) tonicity

Ques23 Evaluation of color in tablets is done by:

a) Reflectance spectrophotometer b) Tristimulus colorimeter c) Microreflectance photometer

d) all of above

Ques24 The disintegration time of effervescent tablets is:

a) 2 minutes b) 2.5 minutes c) 3.5 minutes d) 5 minutes

Ques25- The objective of audit is to:

a) Improve the product quality b) find out the fault

c) Improve the product value d) find and process fault and to improve

Ques26- The oil used in parentral product cannot contain

a) WFI b) Paraffin oil c) Peanut oil d) Glycerin

Ques27- Identify the non-absorbable suture.

a) Catgut suture b) Chromic catgut suture c) silk suture d) Polydioxanone suture

Ques28 Which of the following is not added to chewing tablet?

a) Glidant b) Disintegrant c) Lubricant d) Antiadhesive

Ques29- The test used to detect the irritancy of a chemical is

a) Draize eye test b) ROAT test c) Dimethylglyoxime test d) Corneometry

Ques30 Which of the following statements about bentonite are CORRECT?

P) Glycerin is used to pre-wet the bentonite prior to mixing with water to form its gel

Q) Aqueous bentonite suspensions retain their viscosity above pH 6 but are precipitated by acids

R) MgO increase gel formation while alcohol in significant amount can precipitate bentonite gel S) Bentonite exhibits rheopexy.

a) P & Q b) Q &R c) P, Q & R d) P, Q, R & S

Ques31- Which of the following is not used as enteric coating material?

a) Cellulose acetate phthalate b) Pectin c) Acrylate polymers d) Polyvinyl acetate phthalate

Ques32 Slugs are prepared in which kind of granulation technique?

a) Wet granulation b) Dry granulation c) Steam granulation

d) Melt granulation

Ques33- Bloom strength is used to check the quality of a) Lactose b) Ampoules c) Hardness of tablets d) Gelatin

Ques34 Which one of the following is commonly used bulking agent in the formulation of freeze dried low dose drug products?

a) Sodium chloride b) Mannitol c) Starch d) HPMC

Ques35- Which filler cannot be used for the preparation of tablets for amine containing basic drugs to avoid discoloration of tablets?

a) Dicalcium phosphate b) Microcrystalline cellulose c) Starch d) Lactose

Ques36- Which of the following is a non- aqueous binder?

a) Ethyl cellulose b) Starch c) Veegum d) Bentonite

Ques37- Heckel's plot represents

a) Extent of plastic and elastic deformation of material during compaction

b) Force- time of force- displacement relationship

c) Pressure- porosity (volume) relationship

d) Stress relaxation measurements.

Ques38- Which of the following would cause increase in the binding strength at the dry granulation process in significant degree?

a) Carboxymethylamylopectinglycolate b) Macrogol 4000

c) Magnesium stearate

d) Lactose

Ques39- The correct statements concerning coacervation microencapsulation

1. Coacervation always leads to monophase microcapsule

2. When the gelatin is used for microcapsule's wall material, the coacervation is bound to happen.

on consequence alcohol or salt (sodium sulphate) effect

3. Only gelatin can be used for microcapsule's wall.

4. Simple or compound coacervation can be distinguished according to the number of macromolecular colloids taking part in the process

5. The pH conditions of the system and the solubility of the auxillary materials do not have any effect on the preparation of the microcapsule

a) Only 1 & 4 are correct

b) Only 2 & 3 are correct

c) Only 1 & 5 are correct

d) only 2 & 4 are correct

Ques40 Which aerosol particles will be deposited in alveoli?

a) >20 um_ b)<0.6 um c) 2 &6 um d)1–2ụm

Ques41- The FDA allows a maximum of

salicylic acid in commercial aspirin tablets.

a) 0.05% b) 0.1% c) 0.15 % d) 0.25%

Ques42- Containers used for aerosols should withstand a pressure of

a) 130-150 psig at 130°F

b) 140-180 psig at 130°F

c) 140-170 psig at 120°F

d) 120-140 psig at 120°F

Ques43- The Gold coating on a USP dissolution apparatus- I basket should be

a) Not more than 2.5 μ in thickness

c) Not more than 0.025 μ in thickness

b) Not more than 0.001 mm in thickness

d) not more than 0.1 mm in thickness

Ques44- Which water is used for hand washing in a change room of pharmaceutical manufacturing plant?

a) Potable water b) Purified water c) Disinfectant water d) Soap water

Ques45 By addition of which of the followings the shells of soft gelatin capsules may be made elastic?

a) Polyethylene glycol b) Sorbitol c) Propylene glycol

d) Dibutyl phthalate

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