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Instrumental Method of Analysis Nirali Publication B.Pharm 7th semester PDF Download Free Ebook

     Instrumental Method of Analysis deals with the application of instrumental methods in qualitative and quantitative analysis of drugs. This subject is designed to impart a fundamental knowledge on the principles and instrumentation of spectroscopic and chromatographic technique. This also emphasizes on theoretical and practical knowledge on modern analytical instruments that are used for drug testing.

Instrumental Method of Analysis ebook 7th Semester Free Download

Instrumental Method of Analysis PDF 7th Semester

Instrumental Method of Analysis free pdf download

Nirali Instrumental Method of Analysis free ebook download

PV Instrumental Method of Analysis free ebook download

Objectives: Upon completion of the course the student shall be able to 
  1. Understand the interaction of matter with electromagnetic radiations and its applications in drug analysis 
  2. Understand the chromatographic separation and analysis of drugs. 
  3. Perform quantitative & qualitative analysis of drugs using various analytical instruments. 

Specs of Industrial (Formulative) Pharmacy Nirali ebook:

This ebook comprises of following features:
  • UNIT-I 
    • UV Visible spectroscopy
      • Electronic transitions, chromophores, auxochromes, spectral shifts, solvent effect on absorption spectra, Beer and Lambert’s law, Derivation and deviations. 
      • Instrumentation - Sources of radiation, wavelength selectors, sample cells, detectorsPhoto tube, Photomultiplier tube, Photo voltaic cell, Silicon Photodiode. 
      • Applications - Spectrophotometric titrations, Single component and multi component analysis 
    • Fluorimetry 
      • Theory, Concepts of singlet, doublet and triplet electronic states, internal and external conversions, factors affecting fluorescence, quenching, instrumentation and applications 
  • UNIT-II 
    • IR spectroscopy
      • Introduction, fundamental modes of vibrations in poly atomic molecules, sample handling, factors affecting vibrations 
      • Instrumentation - Sources of radiation, wavelength selectors, detectors - Golay cell, Bolometer, Thermocouple, Thermister, Pyroelectric detector and applications 
    • Flame Photometry-Principle, interferences, instrumentation and applications 145 c. 
    • Atomic absorption spectroscopy- Principle, interferences, instrumentation and applications 
    • Nepheloturbidometry- Principle, instrumentation and applications
    • Introduction to chromatography
      • Adsorption and partition column chromatography-Methodology, advantages, disadvantages and applications.
      • Thin layer chromatography- Introduction, Principle, Methodology, Rf values, advantages, disadvantages and applications.
      • Paper chromatography-Introduction, methodology, development techniques, advantages, disadvantages and applications
      • Electrophoresis– Introduction, factors affecting electrophoretic mobility, Techniques of paper, gel, capillary electrophoresis, applications 
    • Gas chromatography - Introduction, theory, instrumentation, derivatization, temperature programming, advantages, disadvantages and applications
    • High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)-Introduction, theory, instrumentation, advantages and applications. 
  • UNIT-V
    • Ion exchange chromatography- Introduction, classification, ion exchange resins, properties, mechanism of ion exchange process, factors affecting ion exchange, methodology and applications
    • Gel chromatography- Introduction, theory, instrumentation and applications
    • Affinity chromatography- Introduction, theory, instrumentation and applications

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