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Generations of Computer - Notes Computer Basics, Computer Application in Pharmacy

Generations of Computer

1st generation (1946-56)      

  1. Very large size
  2. Vacuum tubes were used for data
  3. These tubes a lot of heat
  4. Very expensive
  5. Speed low
  6. 18000 tubes
  7. Hardware problems

2nd generation (1956-64) :-

  1. Vacuum tubes were replaced with transistors
  2. Size small or speed high
  3. Less hardware problems

3rd generation (1964-71) :-

  1. Transistors were replaced with IC.(integrated circuit)
  2. Size small
  3. Speed very high .

4th  generation (1971-80):-

  1. Speed naro second , milli second, pico  second
  2. IC were replaced with VLSIC :Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit.

5th generation (1980-present) :-

  1. Different size of computers
  2. Internet
  3. Multimedia
  4. Computer has so advanced, used in almost every field.

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